Nirmalights concert at The Green Lotus

Nirmalights concert
at The Green Lotus

Free concert & meditation from 16:00 - 19:00
Brink 28, Betondorp Amsterdam

Nirmalights is a team assembled of international artists from all over Europe, united by a passion for Indian/Pakistani/Persian music and meditation.

Sometimes soft and soothing with the sweet melodies of traditional Indian folk, then exalting with the fiery devotion of their passionate qawwali renditions, they move you on a unique spiritual journey spanning from east to west.

We are lucky to host them with their melodious, introspective Indian folk and (semi-)classical music, enhanced with a beautiful meditative experience. After which the roof is going off! There will be no sitting still with their powerful performance of high-energy Indian, Pakistani and Persian Sufi music. If you feel an irresistible urge, it’s absolutely permitted to leave your chair behind and dance into the night.

“As the weekend arrived, another storm shook the hangar and its surroundings. The source was, luckily, not the weather but the thundering performance of Nirmalights and their renditions of the qawwali ‘Rang’
Live performance
Cabella Ligure, Italy