What is the Subtle system?

Het subtle system

Our subtle system is the network of energy centres and energy channels through which the Kundalini flows. With the help of meditation, you can discover this within yourself, learn to understand it and ultimately achieve Selfrealisation through your own subtle system.


The Kundalini is a caring, motherly energy, present in every human being. The word ‘Kundalini’ means coiled in Sanskrit. This energy resides in the sacrum bone, and lies there curled up in three and a half spirals.

The Kundalini is dormant, but with the help of Sahaja Yoga meditation she will rise along your spine and through your energy centers.

Linker, right & centre channel

The Kundalini rises through three channels (left, right and centre). The channels work together to create balance, and each has specific aspects.

The left channel corresponds with sincere desire and emotions. On the other hand, our right channel corresponds with action and creation. The centre channel is the balance of these two channels, where we act from our desire. Through this channel our Kundalini rises through our chakras and you reach Selfrealisation.

“If you are a little imbalanced, the Kundalini puts you into balance …”

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The energy centres, called ‘Chakras’ in Sanskrit, are connected to our nerve plexuses. Nerve plexuses control all functions of our body; they influence our physical, mental and emotional state. If there is a blockage or tension in a Chakra, we can feel out of balance. Each Chakra is associated with different bodily functions and emotional aspects. 

When the Kundalini rises, the chakras open up and the blockages can disappear so that positive qualities can be strengthened. For these reasons the Kundalini is often referred to as a maternal energy; she nurtures us and helps us grow as human beings. The goal of the Selfrealisation is therefore to awaken the Kundalini. This is achieved through sincere desire, the desire to know yourself, or desire for Selfrealisation.