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Sahaja Yoga is a unique method to meditate in a spontaneous way and thereby achieve a state of balance, well-being and self-knowledge.

“This transformation within you is going to change the whole world.”

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



Gratis meditatie Cursus, Amsterdam Copy

English below Introductie Sahaja Yoga Meditatie  Woensdag 14 februari 2024, 19:00 uur
 Wijkcentrum “Het Bolwerk” Zaal 4,
Ravelijn 55, 7325 NT Apeldoorn
 Behalve op woensdag 28

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why Sahaja Yoga Meditation

The Self realisation meditation technique is unique to Sahaja Yoga, it leads to Kundalini awakening. When your inner energy is activated, leading a state of  peace and balance.

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