What makes Sahaja Yoga unique?


Shri Mataji has created a method that makes Selfrealisation, spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, possible. This awakening is available for everybody. Through this awakening you connect with your inner being and the energy surrounding you. This method which was developed by Shri Mataji, is what makes Sahaj Yoga unique. Selfrealisation is the first step into a journey that guides you in knowing and improving yourself. To go on this journey please follow our courses. 

“Sahaja Yoga is different from the other yoga’s because it begins with Selfrealisation …”

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The main practice of Sahaja Yoga is focused on spiritual growing. It enables you to become more aware without thinking, so you are rising above the mental and physical levels and becoming more clear, attentive and living in the here and now. Many other mediation techniques use focus methods to eliminate thought, however this keeps your awareness at a mental level.



As a positive effect stress and worries will lessen, while peace, motivation and focus will come in their place. If you go on regularly meditating you will see more permanent effects such as a positive outlook and step by step grow into an open, joyful and peaceful version of yourself. This change will be felt in your surroundings and will influence your relations with others.