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We often recieve similar questions, which is why we have an FAQ post at the bottom of the page where your question  might already be answered. 

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Amsterdam Location – Manenburgstraat 22, 1097 NC, Amsterdam,

Den Haag Location – Atelier at Westeinde 79A, Den Haag,


Actually, yoga means union with the power of the Universe, without with meditation cannot be achieved. Therefore, Sahaja Yoga involves both yoga and meditation. While many current Western forms of yoga largely involve physical stretching, postures or exercises, Sahaja Yoga does not. For all practical purposes, Sahaja Yoga can be viewed entirely as a practice of meditation.

No, classes involve meditation only. The practice of Sahaja Yoga does not require specific poses, such as sitting cross-legged on the floor. You’re free to sit on a chair in a normal relaxed position, and, of course, to wear whatever you like.

No, Sahaja Yoga offers a non-commercial form of meditation. All weekly meditation meetings or classes are completely free. All techniques and knowledge are offered by experienced instructors free of charge. We believe that the knowledge of meditation and spirituality should be freely available to everyone. We are all born with the Kundalini energy inside us and its awakening and spiritual truth is our birthright.

We’re able to conduct our programs through funds received from charitable donations. We’re not a commercial enterprise. We’re a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation with instructors whose desire to donate their time is borne out of a desire to spread peace in the world.

That is very varying and person bound, it depends on your own desire for personal and spiritual growth. De courses we give are generally around 12 – 16 weeks long, with a weekly lesson. Although you will notice that it will progress quicker if you start meditation independently at home as well as following a course!

De courses given in different cities are taught by different teams of volunteers, usually there are classes on beginners level and on intermediate/advanced levels. Besides which, we offer online classes that can be followed from home. Check out our calendar for the current options to follow a course. Sometimes we also give classes or do one-time events for specific target audiences (e.g. children, workplaces, festivals etc.). If you would like us to come a give a meditation session, please contact us because we would love to come for free!