Experience it now

Experience meditation

Start meditating with the Selfrealisation exercise, which you can do wherever you feel comfortable, including at home sitting in front of your computer. Through the exercise you connect with your inner self to accomplish calm and peace. Experience is not necessary, only an open mind and sincere desire to try.

Find a peaceful space, take off your shoes and sit in a comfortable position. During the exercise you will start with both hands on your lap and palms facing upwards. Breath in and out a few times, then start the video to follow the instructions of Shri Mataji for the guided exercise.

Tip: If you are distracted and find it hard to harness your attention, you can close your eyes & follow the instructions by listening.

Now after the exercise put your left-hand palm above your head and then your right-hand palm. Also observe how you feel inside, what state are you in? At the end of the meditation, see if you feel more relaxed and if your thoughts have slowed down or gradually disappeared.

Dutch speaker?

Use the audio recording to follow the Selfrealisation exercise in Dutch!


During the Selfrealisation exercise people feel different sensations. A common experience is a soft cool breeze in your palms or above your head. This is a subtle physical awareness of your own Kundalini energy awakening. A warm or tingly feeling is also possible, this is a sign of your Kundalini energy cleansing your Chakras. Ultimately most people feel a sense of calm, peace and a degree of thoughtlessness.

Thoughtless awareness

The state of meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness. You are fully awake, but without any thoughts, in a state of pure and peaceful consciousness. You don’t worry about the past or future, but have full attention for the present moment.

The first step is to slow down your stream of thoughts, while this gradually disappears you connect with your inner peace. This can be felt during the initial meditation or in time with more experience.

What now?

Join our free workshops and ask us any questions you might have. There is a lot to learn about Sahaja Yoga meditation, and these webpages only cover a small part. The lessons are given at several locations in the Netherlands and also available online. The instructors are experienced volunteers who are excited to get to know you!

Would start by independently meditating at home? Use the English website: wemeditate.co