Let’s meditate for 21 days, Worldwide

“Everybody must love and a pure love will change your lives. It will change the whole world.”

– Shri Mataji, Founder of Sahaja Yoga

Join us for a 21 meditations on 21 days in countries worldwide! Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was the founder of the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique, and travelled all around the world giving free classes. By her efforts Sahaja Yoga is practiced worldwide and in honour of her 100th Birthday, which would’ve been this year, we’d like to invite you all to join our event.

The 21 day meditation course will be given for free by our volunteers online in 7 languages:

English | Français (French) | Italiano (Italian) | Deutsch (German)) | 中国人 (Chinese) | عربي (Arabic) | (हिंदी (Hindi) |

Get more information about starting times and & timezones on https://www.freemeditation.com.au/feb2023/