Free meditation course, Amsterdam & Berlin

New 12 week meditation course

We’re teaming up in Amsterdam and Berlin for our next new Sahaja Yoga meditation course! In this new format, we’ll be giving guided meditation and presentations, and introducing techniques to cleanse our subtle energy system – live at both locations.We strongly encourage you to come in person if you’re living in Amsterdam or Berlin. Otherwise, you can also join online. Every week we will introduce new material. It is therefore only possible to join the course until 10 October. Places are limited.

Please sign up here:

Amsterdam: 5 mins walk from Amstel station – Manenburgstraat 22, 1097 NC Amsterdam
Berlin: Charlottenburg district – Behaimstraße 8, 10585 BerlinSahaja Yoga meditation techniques are a scientifically proven way to improve health and balance in life. With the help of meditation you can feel and experience inner peace.

Let meditation help you to:
– Decrease stress and anxiety
– Enjoy a peaceful state of mind
– Reach a higher state of consciousness
– Improve general health
– Sleep better
– Strengthen your immune system
– Increase motivation
– Improve concentration and focus

The course features:
– 12 sessions
– Guided collective meditation
– Information about chakras (energy centres) and your subtle energy system
– How to cleanse and improve your chakras
– Tea and biscuits!

“You just become, like a flower becomes the fruit. It’s all built in within you. Allow it to work out.”- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The course is free. Voluntary contributions are always welcome towards the costs of renting our meditation space.